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The Reason You Don't Achieve Anything You Dream About
Sheena Cantar: I was programmed to fail in life, and so are you - if you don't change this!

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  Why you are programmed to fail in life - and how to change it
 Why you are not satisfied with your life and how you can find peace of mind
 The secret that "the secret" didn't tell you
 How to take control over your emotions
 Step by step process on how you can take control over your thought, beliefs and habits to create whatever you want to in life



My name is Sheena and I am one of the most stubborn people in the UK when it comes to taking action and moving forward.

I have always had a lot of big dreams and after 15 years in my industry I finally could call myself #1!

I decided to quit on top and started coaching other companies instead, and I made all of them get to the number one within their fields.

Suddenly, when everything seemed great on the outside, I was slowly breaking on the inside.

I ended up losing everything, my house, my kids, and my horses.

That's when I came across Bob Proctor and the knowledge he has been sharing with the world for the past 60 years. 

I stopped struggling, fighting and started to follow the joy, love and ease that had always been there for me when I was younger.

Today I got my dream house, I got my kids and horses back - even the electrical gate that I always dreamt about having!

I am really looking forward sharing this amazing knowledge with you and show you how you can stop the struggle and achieve everything you want in ease and harmony! 

See you in the webinar,
- Sheena



 Made redundant

 We took over the company that made us redundant

 Cleared all our debt

 200k profit in 4 months!


 I quit my job

 I went from being unhappy and broken to revealing my full potential

 Made my annual salary monthly

 Left corporate and within a week, I was running my own international business

What My Clients Think

Who is Bob Proctor?

For millions of people, Bob Proctor’s name is synonymous with “success.” And he is known as America’s greatest prosperity teacher. How did Bob come so far? He is linked to the forefathers of the personal development movement going back to 1908 studying Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill and Andrew Carnegie.

Today, Bob has studied thousands of books, continues to read “Think and Grow Rich” every day, and is considered the world’s foremost expert on the human mind.

"I am so blessed to have Bob Proctor as my mentor and sharing his knowledge and success formulas with the world"

- Sheena Cantar
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